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Wedding Shower Activities That Are Super Fun and Not At All Awkward

Everyone’s been to a wedding shower that felt a little awkward—it can sometimes feel a little less fun and a little more forced. If you’ve made enough wedding dresses out of toilet paper to last you a lifetime, here are a few wedding shower activities that will make the shower you’re planning a ton of fun instead of an awkward affair.

Try a cooking demo

Instead of sitting around the bride’s aunt’s living room, what if you all did an activity together? Cooking classes are a great way to celebrate the new chapter of the bride’s life, whether she’s the future Gordon Ramsey or hopeless at making even the simplest grilled cheese. It’s a hands-on activity guaranteed to spark some memories, and sometimes having something to do instead of mixing and mingling can be a bit less stressful.

Go for a stroll down memory lane.

Ask each guest to write down and submit their favorite memory of the bride, then read through and have everyone guess which guest submitted which memory. Some, like “the night she was born,” might be pretty obvious! This game is sweet without getting too happy.

Attend a wine tasting.

A few sips of wine makes everyone more relaxed, right? Head out to a local winery and have your shower vineyard-side. The group can gift the bride her favorite bottle, and you can all experiment with different wines together. A wine tasting shower would be perfect for a bride who leans a little more to the classy side and a little less to the bridal shower bingo side. Tell the winery what types of wine the bride tends to like and go to town!

Create a recipe collection.

Have every guest come prepared with a recipe they love to share with the bride. At the shower, guests can write recipes down on index cards and decorate them. Then, the bride is gifted with a pretty box of recipes from her most treasured family and friends. It’s an easy activity to do while people are talking and doesn’t require a ton of preparation on the planner’s end, but the bride still walks away with a sentimental gift.

Take a professional makeup lesson.

Have a makeup artist come and teach guests how to perfect the smoky eye or red lip. Lessons are hands-on, entertaining, and will teach everyone a skill they can use in the future (like the wedding)! It’ll also be fun for the bride to start dreaming about what she wants her wedding day makeup to look like!

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