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Outdoor Corporate Events Planning Tips

Outdoor Corporate Events Planning Tips


As an event organizer, We’re responsible for all aspects of the event; from plot conception all the way through, to completion.

Events can be of several types of fundraising, conferences or even product launches and then there are corporate events UAE and other metro cities especially! These events are very important and have to be well organized as your company’s name is at stake.

Here are a few tips that will help you organize outdoor corporate events:

  • Plan and coordinate: First, identify the goal of the event and the target audience; then begin planning around it. Determine your budget and seek approval. Bring together a good team and discuss the details of your plan. Assign duties such as sending invites or social media promotion, coordinate and follow up. Seek the necessary permits from local bodies if required. Have a plan B in case of adverse weather.


  • Layout: Use photographs of the venue to create a layout and plan out the positioning of everything from Guest seating to dining to parking space.


  • Power: All elements at the event require electricity, right from the food station to the parking area, so setup power stations accordingly and also have a backup system on standby.


  • Communication: Make sure you have walkie-talkies handy, to communicate with your team. Most professional event management companies in UAE use them nowadays.


  • Guest Comfort: Ensure there is a steady supply of drinking water and food spread across the venue. Also keep amenities like hand wipes, towels, or even wraps ready.


  • Sanitation: Make sure you have enough restrooms and sanitation equipment not just for guests but also for the crew. Ensure the restrooms are cleaned regularly.


  • Health Precautions: Have medical professionals on standby or at least keep a first-aid kit handy.


On the day of the event, arrive early with your team and volunteers. Make sure all the electronic gadgets such as the microphone and speakers are working. Triple check your list to see if everything is in order.

Metro countries like UAE host large scale events. Here these events are a huge deal and there is no place for failure so the most efficient and experienced professionals are hired.

Since you need the event and its goal to reach your attendees and be a success, always call upon professionals like Moon Stone Events, one of the best event management companies in UAE

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