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Event Entrance Ideas To Make Your Events Stand Out

Imagine standing at the entrance of a big product launch and the place shows very little signs of such a major event happening inside? This can be a major letdown to most attendees. Creating a great first impression is the new requisite to modern events. Distinguished corporate event management companies now claim that entrances of any event are essential to create a lasting effect.

A game of colour and lights – If you have chosen a venue which is known for its architecture let it shine through! Get your guests intrigued with perfectly placed neon lights and spotlights at the entrance. If you feel that coloured lights could do the magic, then go ahead. Hosting a product launch at such locations could really create an impact on your audience. Just make sure your lights only enhance the architectural marvel and the ambience.

The red carpet – Celebrate your company anniversary in style! What better way than the famous red carpet! Walking down the red carpet with cameras flashing on either side makes your guests feel nothing less than a celebrity. The pictures could create a splash on your social media platforms. It’s a big boost for your event promotion and marketing. Moreover, it makes the event a memorable one for your guests. Your attendees would sure love it. The best corporate event organisers in DUBAI say that little elements such as these are bound to win your audience over!

The registration desk– Nothing screams “Serious Business” than a sleek corporate registration desk. It is a clever idea to tell your attendees that you are highly professional with your work and the way you go about things.

A creative giveaway bag – Giveaways don’t always have to be given at the end of your event. Instead, you could give them out at the entrance. The catch here is to hand your attendees something interesting such as drink vouchers, itinerary card or a zone map of your event location highlighting interesting stalls or zones they shouldn’t miss, badges that could be used to club them into various groups, etc.

Through Tech Tunnels– Tunnels are now a popular entrance highlight to event venues. Tech tunnels are even better.  Having tunnels with LED screens and projectors creates a perfect chance to display sponsorship branding or tweak up your business promotion.

Creating a powerful entrance, in line with your event can create a lasting first impression on your attendees!

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