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The Best Catering Trends For Your Wedding

We all know that trends in wedding planning are changing extremely fast, so keeping an eye on the latest ones is incredibly important. While you’ll obviously want your wedding to be original and not completely reliant on trends, it’s fun to look at trends to get ideas for your catering (and other) ideas. Once you understand the trends, you can put your own little spin on them by adding fun, impressive details. Here, Catering CC lists current wedding trends we think you should try your hand at.

Add cheerful colors

One of the latest trends includes playing with colors, as caterers call it. What this means is that a wedding should come paired with desserts and foods of different colors, which follow the same theme the rest of the wedding has chosen. Obviously, this means that if you are having a black and white wedding, these two colors should be the main element here. The bottom line is that food should accentuate the overall theme of your wedding, so as to provide continuity.

Pay attention and make your beverages better

The next trend on the list is a bit different. According to it, weddings should come with cocktails, those incorporating champagne are especially popular right now. Colorful cocktails have a huge role in modern weddings, but they are only a small part of your offerings. Don’t forget fruit slices and juices, especially fresh ones, which are known for increased popularity and which can truly make a difference. This tip isn’t just for wedding catering, fun and fruity cocktails are also sure to be a hit at any type of party or corporate event.

Food stations are the next best thing

So, what are food stations? In simple words, these are movable stations, where a chef will prepare a small meal for each guest. They are beneficial due to so many reasons. For example, during cocktail hour, while guests dance or just hang out, the food stations are the main thing to peruse. Furthermore, they are known for making guests happy, because they can cater to each individual’s whims and desires. Each chef will be able to recommend the main meal or what to have with it.

Think small and light

A small addition which is incredibly popular at the moment in weddings is light food in small bites. For example, you can consider a ball of mozzarella or antipasto skewers. The possibilities are endless, so you can have almost anything you can think of. The main goal here is to offer guests a small bite while they’re dancing or chatting. They will appreciate it and they will be happier. It’s these small nuances that will leave all the guests that attend your wedding with a positive impression and make your wedding go down in history.

The final word

Modern catering for weddings comes with all of these trends available as options. Remember that it’s your wedding and ultimately you can implement whatever you choose! These trends are just guidelines as you get started choosing the theme. For even more help, call Moonstone Events to make all your food and beverage dreams come true!

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